The Land Thermo King Refrigeration System is a game-changer in the world of land vehicle systems. It’s high capacity and innovative refrigeration system enable refrigerated trucks, freezer trucks, or cold trucks to transport perishable goods while maintaining their quality and freshness.

The Thermo King System is also compatible with freezer shipping containers, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to ship frozen products over long distances.

With its advanced technology, the Thermo King System ensures that the temperature inside the vehicle or container remains consistent, thus avoiding spoilage and waste; reducing the rejection rate and promoting zero waste target. Thanks to this revolutionary system, businesses can now transport their goods with a peace of mind, knowing that they will reach their destination in perfect condition.

There are two main types of refrigeration systems used in land vehicle systems: Direct Drive Systems and Self-Powered Systems.

Direct Drive Systems, also known as vehicle-powered systems, work by using the power generated by the vehicle’s engine to run the refrigeration unit. This type of system is highly efficient and reliable, as it doesn’t require an additional power source.

In contrast, a Self-Powered Systems vehicles run on an independent engine, that includes an oil filter, fuel filter and air filter, beltings, compressor, expansion valve, hose, pipes, and so on to operate the refrigeration unit. While self-powered systems offer greater flexibility in terms of where the vehicle can be parked and how long it can run without the truck engine running, they require a low maintenance interval with 2,000 hours or 3,000 hours of servicing, saving the user a tremendous cost in maintenance.

When it comes to refrigeration and air conditioning, both the direct drive and the self-powered vehicle systems can be delivered the optimal Temperature Performanmce feature. The refrigeration and air conditioning system works by cooling the air inside the insulated container of the vehicle, which is then circulated by the evaporator to provide ventilation to the pallets cool by the system. In direct drive systems, the refrigeration and air conditioning system is powered by the vehicle’s engine, while in self-powered systems, it is powered by its independent engine power source or plug-in the 3-phase electrical power source from the building. It’s important to have a well-functioning, Reliable and Durable refrigeration, and air conditioning system in the land transport vehicle systems, especially for long trips during hot weather. With Thermo King’s efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning system, drivers and goods can travel comfortably and safely in any weather condition.

Ultimately, businesses that rely on land vehicle systems need to carefully consider the type of refrigeration and air conditioning system that best suits their needs. By understanding the benefits and values of both Direct Drive and Self-Powered vehicle systems, as well as the importance of Temperature Performance and air conditioning, businesses can make smarter choices that will help them transport perishable goods efficiently, effectively ,and cost-saving in the long run.

Insulated Container

  1. 10ft/ 3.08m
  2. 12ft/ 3.66m
  3. 14ft/ 3.66m
  4. 16ft/ 4.88m
  5. 18ft/ 5.49m
  6. 20ft/ 6.10m
  7. 22ft/ 6.71m
  8. 24ft/ 7.32m
  9. 26ft/ 7.90m
  10. 32ft/ 9.76m
  11. 40ft/ 12.20m
  12. 45ft/ 13.73m
  13. Internal Movable Partition

Transport Powered Tail Lifts

  1. PTL-1000
  2. PTL-2000
  3. PSL-2000
  4. Wheel Chair Lifter


  1. T-680 PRO, T-780 PRO, T-880 PRO,
    T-980 PRO, T-1080 PRO, T-1180 PRO
  2. UT-800/ UT-1200X
  3. T-780E, T-880E, T-1080E, T-1280E

Trailer System

  1. SLXI400
  2. Advancer
  3. Precedent

Direct Drive

  1. SV-400, SV-600, SV-800
  2. RV-200/RV-300, RV-380,
  3. TZ-800, TZ-1200
  4. TZ-500S, TZ-600S
  5. EV-200, EV-300, EV-580,

Eutectic Plate System

  1. 10ft
  2. 12ft
  3. 14ft
  4. 17ft

Electric Bus Climate Control System

  1. E-700, E-900, E-1200
  2. E-1200LW
  3. E-850C, E-1000C, E-1250C
  4. S30E
  5. SR-10E

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