If you’re looking for reliable Cold Chain Transport Solutions, browse our catalogue for a full range of temperature-controlled options.

At Monzone, we have you covered with our land and marine transport offerings, including refrigerated trucks, insulated containers, and marine reefer containers. Additionally, our customised solutions offer tailored temperature-controlled vehicles to meet your specific business needs, providing efficient and reliable transport of your valuable goods.

Let us help you keep your products at the optimal temperature during transport, ensuring Quality Assurance in Temperature Control for every delivery especially for stringent perishable products.

Our Systems

We use Thermo King Refrigeration system, which is famous for its Durability, Reliability and Excellency in Temperature Control providing comprehensive and reliable solutions, designed to meet your optimal temperature requirement throughout the transportation.

Our Cold Chain Transport consists of an insulated container and the Thermo King(TK) Refrigeration system that is coupled to provide a complete temperature-controlled Chiller or freezer Temperature. The insulated container insulates the high ambient temperatures from the sun; affecting your perishable goods, while the refrigeration system chills or freezes the products to the desired temperature. This will ensure an efficient and reliable temperature control throughout the transport process.

Our Robust and Durable Insulated Container coupled with the World Leader in Transport Refrigeration System; Thermo King will ensures that your products deliver safely and in the best possible condition with Quality Assurance. At Monzone, we’re committed to providing smart, efficient, and reliable Cold Chain Solutions that meet your specific requirements and needs.

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